iWork for publishing Keynote slides

2011/01/06 10:07

Just downloaded the update for my favorite presentation software - Keynote. The update adds support for online Keynote playback with animations, but only on Safari.

In order to test this, I update my Vaadin intro presentation to iWork. If you have the latest Safari, go see it here.

The presentation is also embedded below:

It is simply amazing what is possible in plain HTML5. I hope they add support for other capable browsers asap.


Vaadin on iPad

2010/04/04 11:04

iPad SDK was released (for free) yesterday and the first thing I wanted to try out with it was how Vaadin runs on iPad. It turned out that it runs quite well.

Below are two demos I recorded on iPad simulator - the first one demos standard Vaadin demos and the second one Vaadin TouchKit Add-on.


Vaadin Add-ons will Change Everything

2010/03/31 06:46

Traditionally web/ria frameworks/toolkits have been fairly monotilic: even though many of the frameworks are designed to be extensible, it has been painful to build, package and distribute a new user interface component. This have lead to situation where framework vendors mostly bundle all the functionality inside the framework - in order to make it easy to be use.

As as result - those brave developers who have built and released add-ons to frameworks have been "second class citizens" from the point of view of framework users - it is simply just so much easier to use built-in functionality than test and integrate third party add-ons. Partly because of this - many of the add-on ecosystems have not been too lively and users mainly had to live with whatever functionality the framework vendor has built into the framework.

I hope that the opening of the new Vaadin Directory will change the situation - at least for Vaadin Framework. In order to show how easy and game-changing it is to use add-ons with Vaadin, I recorded a short (4min) video:

(it is recomended to watch is in full-screen and HD)

There is also an old screencast on how to create a new add-on package that shows that building and packaging is almost as easy.